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Horizontal Pellet Machine price
Generally introduction:
Tongfu pellet machine with a group of dynamic engineers full of passion and vitality,advanced technology and production equipment,has been committed to feed machinery,grass machinery,biological fertilizer equipment and automation control equipment,design,manufacture and promotion.
Reply your inquiry within 24 working hours.
Experienced staffs answer all your question in professional and fluent English.
Customized design of pellet machine is available.
Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well-trained and professional engineers.
Woodiness materials(wood logs/chips/branches/sawdust/shavings)
biomass waste(rice straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, rice husk, corn stalk, sunflower stalk,etc),peanut shell, leaves, bamboo sawdust, sugar cane, waste paper, grass, etc.
1. Structure: Compact structure, easy operation, installation and maintenance;
2. Ring Mode: Equipped with different aperture ring modes;
3. Conditioner: Standard and large stainless steel conditioner can be chosen;
4. Special Design: Stainless steel discharge chute and door closure, Anti-corrosion and durable;
5. Feeder: Strong full stainless steel feeder of top of pellet machine,feed smoothly, to prevent the plugging material;
6. Application:Suitable for the cotton seed, straw, alfalfa, wood, sawdust, biomass and other wood
ModelMain powerCapacityRing die inner dia
-The motor use the China famous Wannan or from Siemens Beide brand.this will assure pellet machine's smoothly working,if using bad motors,it will be damaged easily because in some country,the electric current is not stable.
-The wear bearing in our pellet machine are in NSK brand,which imported from Japan,which can also assure pellet machine's long serfice life.
-Driving Gear of TF pellet machine adopts the high precision gear transmission structure.
-The ring die adopts the hoop fastening method, which is increasing the speed of discharge comparing with the past bolt fastening method.
-Ring die pellet machine can be made both by Alloy steel or SS material with different price and production purpose.which improve the anti-abrasion of the ring die and roller more than 10 times, it can save the production cost heavily.
According to above pellet machine detail photo:
Part 1: alloy steel or stainless steel material ring die(both of them can work well in pellet machine,just price difference,stainless steel material is more expensive)
Part 2: safety holder(only horizontal type pellet machine has this safety)
Part 3: force feeding part(only wood pellet machine has this part,while feed pellet mill does not)
Part 4: mechanical cutting system(both horizontal and vertical type pellet machine with automatic cutting device)
Part 5: ring die lifting device(ring die belong to spare part which is very heavy,normally needed to be changed every two or three months,with lifting device on pellet machine body,the workers can change easily)
Part 6: heat-removal connecting port(during pelletizing process,the temperature inside pressing chamber is very high,the spare part like bearing is easily broken under long-time temperature circumstances,so this heat-removal system can solve this problem)
1.Wooden or metal case according to specific size of each pellet machine
2.Tight the equipment in the truck without space to ensure no rubbing during the transportation.
Here’s our pellet machine exported and installed pellet line in foreign country.
1) what about the size of the final wood pellet product?
the size is adjustable according to your requirement.
the diameter range of the wood pellet is ø6-10 mm by using different ring die mould.
the length of the wood pellet could be adjusted on the pellet machine.
2) What is the suitable moisture (water content) of the raw material that easy to make pellet?
the ideal moisture range is from 12% to 15%.
3) will you dispatch engineer to install the pellet machine (production line)?
Yes. we will dispatch engineer to do the service just based on the requirement of customers.
With rich and practical experience,constant innovation and full responsibility to customers,TF are doing perfect on every project and every itme with our thoughtful consideration.During the mutual development with customers,we are enjoying great sucess with customers to make customers satisfied.We provide clients with high quality products and fast services.we welcome new and regular customers from all over the world to visit our factory at any time.Horizontal Pellet Machine price
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