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Customized Tube Mill
Our History
North Heavy Industries is a wholly state-owned company established on the basis of the merger and reorganization of Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. 2007 acquisition of French NFM company, became a multinational business. 2009 into the ranks of Chinese enterprises 500. In the domestic heavy machinery industry ranked the top three.
Our Factory
Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned company reshuffled and established on the basis of Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd. In 2007, NHI merged NFM Technologies in France and became an international enterprise. In 2009, NHI became one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, ranking among the top three in Chinese heavy machinery industry.
Our Product
The main products are tunnel engineering, power, building material, metallurgy, mining, port, environmental protection, forging, fracturing equipment, coal machinery and transmission machinery, totally about 500 types and 7,000 models.
Product Application
Heavy, mining, construction, building materials, electric power, engineering machinery, mining machinery, general machinery equipment and accessories, metal products, steel products, mold manufacturing; high and low voltage switch sets of equipment design and manufacturing; environmental protection equipment and accessories manufacturing, installation and commissioning; special equipment and accessories design and manufacturing, technology development.
Our Certificate
Our company has got a “integrated systems” certification for ISO9001 Quality Management System,ISO14001 Environment Management System, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO10012 Measurement Management System. Our company has complete design, experiment, inspection and measurement means, also has a complete R & D, manufacturing system.NHI has more than 200 pieces of patents and expertise, 200 sets (units) of new products have filled up the gaps in China industries, over 111 kinds of products or technology have won Science & Technology Prize.
Production Equipment
Our company has 5000 pieces (sets) of different kind equipments, main manufacturing equipments 2000 pieces(sets) including large-scale equipments 242 pieces(sets), NC equipments 116 pieces(sets).
Casting steel: 40t arc furnace, 40t VOD equipment, 10 t/h cupola furnace, 50t refining furnace, which can achieve molten steel refined completely. Capacity of one-time supplying molten steel is 350t.
Forging : 32MN hydraulic press with hydraulic manipulator, forging crane.
Heat Treatment: 16×8×6.5 pallet gas furnace, pallet resistance furnace, well carburizing furnace, well tempering furnace, box-type electric furnace, quenching lathe, grow ion nitriding furnace and many kinds of furnaces 18 sets, NC two-column 4×1.2m high-frequency quenching lathe, multifunctional NC gear quenching lathe, medium-frequency oil-buried quenching lathe, power-frequency wheel quenching lathe, 0.9-2.5m well carburizing furnace and complete processing equipments like large-scale quenching oil chute and water chute etc.
Metal Structure: large-scale steel plate pretreatment production line, 8x30m various kinds of cutting machine 17 sets, 9×6 welding manipulator 12 sets and complete large-scale turning rolls and other auxiliary equipments; 120×4000 various kinds of rolling machine 21 sets, 1600T hydraulic press, 1000T open type one-armed oil press, 800T×6m NC bending machine, 500CM2 Cold bending machine and other large-scale equipments.
Cold Processing: 8×20m heavy-duty 7-axis(5 interlockable)planer type moving CNC milling-turning combination lathe, 6×2-10×20m various kinds of CNC planer milling machine 15 sets, Φ160-Φ260 various kinds of NC boring & milling machine 21 sets, Φ5-Φ20m various kinds of large-scale CNC vertical lathe 16 sets, Φ5-Φ14m gear hobbing machine 6 sets, more than 1m curve-tooth hobbing machine 5 sets, 0.8-1.5m various kinds of gear grinding machine 9 sets, Φ2.5-Φ3.5m various kinds of gear shaping machine 3 sets, Φ800 horizontal gear hobbing machine, Φ800×5m cylindrical grinder,2m NC vertical mill and full-automatic idler production line.
Coating :various kinds of shot blasting rooms, 15 sets of paint spraying rooms and idler support painting line.

Production Market
In recent years, the overseas orders has increased rapidly, and the coverage of exports has expanded from traditional Southeast Asia to South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and South America. Export product categories include almost all products of NHI, such as Iran 7 large shield tunneling machine, Vietnamese Gong Qing power plant EPC contract, Laos red sand 24 sets the world's largest power plant specifications MB4100 fan mill, India Reliance group, Lanco company coal handling system, Ethiopia AMBO cement company and Nissan power plant 4000 tons of cement production lineetc
Our service
Pre sale: we can provide product consultation and scientific solutions.Then submit reasonable quotations.
Sales: we will update product design and manufacturing information.To ensure customer satisfaction, we will communication with customerstimely.
After sale: we will supply after-sales service timely, Keep abreast of the problems encountered by customers during the use of the products and solved them promptly.Customized Tube Mill
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