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Adjustable Pedestal For Tiles price
Xinyuan decking support systems are designed with highest degree of professional care and conduct. Minimum number of essential product elements to make all work with leveling easy and fast.
More attractive paving with level-flat finishes can be achieved using a much larger variety of different stone and slab shapes using Xinyuan screwjack adjustable raised tiles support system.
Specifications for XY-M series Pedestal
NameAdjustable plastic pedestalCodeXY-M6-PB
Height range640mm-1010mmLoading ability1500 kgs
Slope correctionCompensate 0%-5% slopeColorBlack or customized color
Head diameter160mmBase diameter200mm
Extender diameter140mmExtender height160mm
Spacer thickness2mm/5mm/6mm/10mmShim thickness1mm/2mm
Applicationpaving tiles, fountain, water feature, walkable areas, terraces, balconies, technical platforms, under decks around pools, garden terraces, in any closed and opened areas.
Most advantages
1) The noise-reducing rubber shim, base rubber pads, the multifunctional head, a wide range of adjustable heights and the pre-cut base for wall corner pedestal installation
2) Vertically adjustable to level out unevenness
3) Easily installation and labor-saving
4) Easy maintenance
5) Waterproof and cold-resistant
6) Resistant to temperatures from -40 ℃ to +120 ℃
7) 100% PP recyclable
8) Widely used with any outdoor flooring
9) Anti-UV with 20 years service life
Our Service
* Free samples are available, sample freight can totally returned after official order.
* Professional manufacture.
* View our factory.
* Xinyuan professional team offers excellent design, idea, plans of your project.
* Excellent and experienced team provide you professional support for extending your local market.
* Contact with Xinyuan, get a special discount and excellent service.Adjustable Pedestal For Tiles price
OUR CERTIFICATECustomized Athlete Orthotic Insoles
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