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dating female prison
dating female prison


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It was Terrell Owens, Tim Tebow ... and now, Ezekiel Elliott is the "ratings baby" the media is glomming on to ... so says Michael Irvin. You know what he's talking about -- when a story becomes such a big deal, news outlets will streeeeetch in a shameless way for an angle involving the media topic everyone cares about. This time, Irvin says, the media knows Zeke's scandal is a magnet for viewers ... and he's seen some networks reach new lows trying to exploit the running back's issues for a ratings pop. Irvin says the whole thing is a sad situation and he's praying for everyone -- both Zeke and his accuser.
Diddy's baby mama looks ready to pop! Kim Porter was spotted last night looking like she had a giant beach ball stashed under her sweater as she made her way out of Nello's restaurant in New York. She's not full of their lobster ravioli either... she's carrying twin girls! While she's due mid-December, her "Bad Boy for Life" was nowhere to be seen -- he's shooting the "A Raisin in the Sun" TV remake in Toronto, in which he'll play the Sidney Poitier role.
Justin Bieber was visibly shaken by news that his pal Lil Wayne had to be hospitalized -- and also broke some news himself ... saying he's got no beef with Floyd Mayweather. Justin was leaving Mastro's Steakhouse in Bev Hills when our photog let him know Weezy had suffered multiple seizures in Chicago over the weekend. You can hear it in his voice ... Justin had no idea. Then the convo turned to his other famous friend, and Justin explained what really went down between himself and Mayweather. He claims it was just about "setting boundaries."
You might remember ... Mari allegedly went nuts on an Uber driver in July after he refused to let her charge her cellphone. The driver claims Mari began to punch him and stole his charger -- forcing him to pull over. Prosecutors bought the driver's story and on Friday Mari was charged with battery and theft -- both misdemeanors. She was also hit with a vandalism charge but it's not clear where that came from. Mari faces possible jail time, where at least she won't have to worry about her phone's battery life.

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